I like to experiment with a variety of media. My intention is to bring joy, enthusiasm and beauty in the viewer world. There is also an acute desire to find and express the deeper dimension of our feelings, moods and thoughts. Life seems so rich when you find an escape from your daily chores.
In my paintings, colour is a means of exploration through which the microcosm and macrocosm are contrasted, reflected in each other and merged.

My goal is to transport the viewer to another place and time; to evoke memories, associations, and love of fantasy and beauty. The travel is intended

In these series I focused on the physical realization of an image inspired by a real life model. I intuitively manipulate simple tools or media (graphite and pastels on paper) to express time, force, accumulation of movement and emotions. The application of pastels in layers of color finishing with black changes with the seasons, as well as with the pose of the model.


Mixed media, encaustic, oil, environmental art, art instruction for kids and adults with disabilities, private art instruction, art therapy.


Born in Romania, graduated Babes- Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania, with a MSc in Organic Chemistry. Studied art at Reading College of Art and Design, UK, and TSA – Toronto. Started my career as an artist in 1992. I work in acrylic, oil, encaustic, and mixed media; I enjoy a variety of themes but have preferences for nature and the mystery of inner transformation.


adina (at) adinaana.com